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~Abstract Infinity~

Tales of a SkyKitty

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28 September 1984
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Quite frequently found lurking in the shadows, Sky Kitty has been known to pounce upon people without any provocation...

You have been warned.

I was the official groupie for my local Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, The RKO Army, but am now an absent friend (<3RKO<3) .

I am part of an online community for random acts of kindness, PCX!, so I am known to mail random postcards and packages to people who catch my interest, or if I am in the mood to pass on some good karma.

I used to plus-size model on occasion, and am in the middle of re-vamping my portfolios after losing ~200 lbs. Wheee! \o/

Easily amused by simple things, I could play with a piece of string for hours, I love all kinds of music, but currently on my playlist are Fiona Apple | Rammstein | Nine Inch Nails | (hed) PE | Garbage | KMFDM | Cruxshadows | Inkubus Sukkubus | David Bowie | Queen | Leonard Cohen | VAST | Proyecto Uno | Marc Anthony and random other tracks…

I fervently believe that everyone has a soundtrack to their lives and I would love to hear yours.

My current project(Taken from the CD Want List on PCX!):

“Sky” will mail you a kiss in return for:
1. A mix you can dance to (it doesn’t matter what mix of genres, but if you dance to it, i want to hear it!)
2. A nice slow, almost gothy crooner mix.. croon to me baby, croon to me..
3. A mix of memorable soundtrack songs.. extra kisses to whoever sends me one with a detailed track list, including what each song reminds you of.

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